Group Coaching

30 Day Holistic Mind-Body Reset Programme

An Introduction To Living and Loving With Kindness

For Mind, Body And Planet.

What if you could make a start on your ‘better health’ journey, you know, the one you’ve been putting off because you felt alone or didn’t know where to start?

What if i told you, you can do that in as little as 30 days, because you are not alone, and you are very much supported and cared about.

As with our One to One Programmes, Our aim is to help you Connect, Awaken, Nurture and Transform your health and happiness, whilst restoring balance and harmony, improving your fitness and optimising your life. But this time, we are doing it as a team. We are going to look at natural medicine and nature cure and how it can help you in everyday life, how you can use little tips and tricks and draw on the amazing resource which is mother nature, to keep you on track, every day, and healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit. Together we will support, encourage and motivate each other. There will be exercises, tip sheets, recipes, coaching calls and so much more. We stand together on your journey to a healthier & happier you. Ready to start feeling good? We are here to help you achieve just that.!


It’s No Secret Our Planet Is Struggling And So Are We

With a global pandemic, rising stress levels, and chronic illness and problems that don’t seem to go away, it’s no surprise that our health is suffering,  we feel down and are often left feeling helpless. 

Have you been feeling one or more of the following ? If so, then this group coaching could be for you!

  • Tired and Burnt Out, 
  • Exhausted and Confused with what has been happening in our world
  • You feel you’ve lost connection to yourself and others.
  • You feel alone, or a lack of support or understanding from others
  • You may even feel that you have lost your direction and are unsure where to turn next. 
  • Maybe you’ve been unable to get out and about to exercise, and you’re not feeling great about your physical self. 
  • And of course our social interactions have been severely limited, maybe that has taken its toll on your mental and emotional health 
  • You feel you need a support system or someone to be accountable to.
  • You’ve tried so many things and now you’re just confused. 

It’s for you if: 

Youre ready for change – you know change takes steady continuous commitment and you want to get off the fence you’ve sat on for too long.

You enjoy the company of others and are willing to support others as they support you.

You are ready to put actions behind the thoughts, words, wants and feelings.

You’re open to look within yourself and take responsibility for your healing.

It’s not for you if:

You believe healing comes ‘solely’ from conventional medicine, or something outside of yourself

You think it’s down to someone else or something else to heal you

You don’t like groups or your fence is still too comfy.

First,  I want to tell you there is always hope, our universe is a friendly place and you are here for a reason.

If you have felt like any of the above, then I understand you, because I’ve been there too. I’ve been through it all, broken relationships, fertility struggles, pneumonia, career pressure,  moving countries, and the untimely loss of my beloved brother. Ultimately I went from travelling the globe as an internationally recognised popstar one day to being on a hospital bed with an unexplained blockage the next, unable to walk and talk for months. During this time of silence when I literally had no voice, I had no choice but to go deeply within and listen. This was a lesson. To nurture myself with the same devotion I’d offered to others, to reconnect to all that truly mattered to me, to believe in myself, love myself and heal with nature, and when I did, something amazing happened. Far Sooner than anyone could imagine, including my neurologist I came through the other side transformed, wholesome and stronger than before. If you are really ready for change and willing to look within yourself, this 30 day reset is here to help you do the same.

We Are Not Giving Up, or Giving In! No way, Beautiful! 

We Want You To Heal And Get Back To Your Happy Place.

So how can this programme help you?

Whatever you’re going through this group programme can support you, alongside like minded souls, to take the first steps towards your happy place.

  • It will help you to connect to all that matters to you and your soul, 
  • It will encourage you to listen to your heart and awaken the wisdom within
  • It will teach you self love and self care techniques, and why they are important. 
  • You will be nurturing your cells and your soul with kindness, with good food, and natural mind, body and spirit practises so you can kick ill health firmly out the door and step into a healthy new you. 
  • This 30 day programme will get you started and reset your mind-body connection.  You will learn how to plug back into nature and its wonderful healing powers.
  • We will be healing together, as a team, a group of like minded souls, so that we can support each other every step of the way.
  • You will discover so many tips and tools that long after the course is over you will be able to keep revisiting and implementing the supportive techniques to keep you ontrack.
  • You will make beautiful connections to yourself and others.

Here’s What You Will Get 

  • Day 1 –  You will receive an Introductory Video and Tip Sheets, about setting the scene for healing and habit change and learn about Naturopathy and its benefits before we head into our four weeks of deep dive healing.
  • DAY 2 – 29 – Over the following 28 days  you will receive Daily Videos with Information and Exercises for that day. 
  • DAY 30 – To round up, there will be a Final Celebration Coaching Call.

In Addition You Will Receive

  • GROUP COACHING CALL – WEEKLY  – At the end of each week there will be a group call which you are invited to attend for questions, support, sharing and meditations.
  • WEEKLY MEDITATIONS – These are in the coaching call but if you are unable to attend you can access the script for that week to do at home.
  • 23 AMAZING RESOURCES – Packed full of information, tip sheets, exercises, recipes, workouts, meditations and more so that you can keep going and refer back to the guides, and track your progress, long after the course ends.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – You will also have support through our private facebook group throughout the course.
  • DISCOUNTED PRIVATE ONE TO ONE COACHING SESSIONS and KINDBODYPLANET PRODUCTSIf you want to go further and look into Transformational Coaching or Therapies online or in person at our Clinic, you will receive discounts from the usual price. You will also receive discounts on products and courses, whether they be digital or physical products.

Your Weekly Coaching Sessions Will Cover

Week 1

Mindful Awareness – You are worth it, You are already whole.

What do you think about yourself and the energy you create?

We will look at the mind-body connection, and about our biochemistry, how we form habits and behaviours. We will cover topics on hormones, the stress response and the effects on our health, mind cleansing, breathwork, journaling, mindfulness, meditation and so much more. With tips sheets, workbooks and easy exercises throughout.

Week 2

Basic therapeutic diet

Introducing nutritional healing. We will look at whole, unprocessed foods. What and how to buy.  We will dive deeper with the mind-body connection and its relationship to nutrition and hydration. We will cover topics such as mood foods, mindful eating, herbs, therapies, fats, micro and macro nutrients, cravings, inflammation, sleep, purposeful supplementation and plant-based foods, amongst other things. With tips sheets, workbooks and easy exercises throughout.


Week 3

A Healthy Body

What can you feel? It’s time to get out of your head and tune into your senses. In week 3, We address Body Appreciation and Bodylove and look at how we relate to our amazing body. Speaking with kindness to our body. We will cover topics such as affirmations, mindful exercise and movement, body therapies and meditations, grounding, energy work, getting outdoors…and still more! Yes Tip sheets and exercises of course!

I know crazy right?… There is just so much here ! I bet you already can’t wait to get going?

But we still have week 4….

Week 4 

A Healthy Lifestyle – A Healthy Planet

My favourite week, when we get to understand the importance of loving not only ourselves but our beloved Mother Earth and her precious creatures. This is so exciting. We cover detoxing from chemicals ( food / cosmetics / home)  – and plants and oils that help. You will also learn how to make your own products, clutter clearing and cleansing space, growing your own herbs and veg. How to lessen your impact and get eco friendly, through recycling, composting, buying habits and diet change. We round off by living in gratitude and looking at ways to give back for happiness. Tip sheets and exercises as always 🙂

What people are saying about KindBodyPlanet

Vegan Coaching

“You have given me so much knowledge that I really needed to become a healthy vegan. Without your guidance, I would be lost. I have also been able to educate my teachers and friends, so they can make changes at school and to their lifestyles.”



Private Nutrition and Culinary workshop for mental, emotional, and weight loss support.

“She has an enormous dedication to her clients as well as an extremely kind and caring nature, one that I was on the receiving end of in my time of need. Wholeheartedly, JulieAnne was there for me when I needed her the most and for that, I will be forever grateful.”



Chronic back pain

“After suffering for years with lower back pain and no conventional treatment working, I decided to have a look at alternative treatments.  I am delighted to say that after just one week, my years of back pain subsided. JulieAnne, definitely makes nature Rock!”



Weight / Immune support after a Stroke

“I lost over 1 and a half stone and started to feel back to my old self, with all my mobility back. I can’t thank JulieAnne enough for all her help and support towards me making a full recovery. I would recommend her to anyone as she is amazing for all she has done for me.”



Gout – Chronic illness control

‘’I had a problem with Gout (5 serious attacks in 2 years) and was prescribed medication for the rest of my life by my G.P. JulieAnne is one of the most knowledgeable Naturopath / Nutritional Therapists I have ever met. Her enthusiasm for the subject and understanding of what we eat and how it affects us is first class. Needless to say, 4 years on, I have had no problems whatsoever and have never resorted to taking the tablets, Thanks JulieAnne.’’



Achalasia / Reflux

‘‘Julie- Anne was so caring and understanding of what I was going through. I was simply amazed at her knowledge about my problems. I could not believe the difference in me in just one week, I felt so much better.  I would highly recommend anyone with a system like mine, to contact Julie-Anne, as I am leading a much better life now. ’’



Aromatherapy / Reflexology

‘’Julie-Anne is the essence of beauty inside and out.  Julie-Anne offers the highest end of treatments and goes above and beyond for anyone.  As soon as you meet Julie-Anne you are embraced in her loving, caring, and healing light – a rare therapist and person to know.’’



Vegan and Nutritional Coaching

‘’On many occasions, you have completely gone out of your way and nothing has seemed too much trouble. I have learned so much from you and have realised how lacking my own medical training has been in certain areas. Your practice is awe-inspiring and you are truly an amazing person. Thank you!’’



Are you ready to take the first step?

Let’s just recap what you get….

  • Intro welcome video and round up celebratory video call.
  • 4 Weeks of daily information, exercises, tip sheets and support.
  • Weekly Group Coaching with Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist JulieAnne @ KindBodyplanet
  • 23 Jam packed Resources: tip sheets, handouts, workbooks, recipes, guides, affirmations, meditation scripts and exercises.
  • Weekly Meditations


  • Private Facebook Group for daily motivation
  • Join the group of fellow Mind-Body Reset lovelies for mutual support and accountability
  • Discounts to further coaching programmes, products, and therapies at Mindbodyplanet.

In addition, you can look forward to a revitalised, happier YOU !

After all that’s the most important part right?

So if you’re ready for real change and would love to get started in a supported and loving environment, then sign up now to register your interest.

You can also book a free call to chat to me if you need more information.