Meet JulieAnne

I live each day, honoured and blessed to be a child of Mother nature – a Mama to my fur babies and a Soul Sister to all living beings. JulieAnne

I am a former International Pop Artist turned Advanced Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and igniter of heart bonfires. I’m a people, animal (cat mad lol) and earth-loving vegan, who is mum to two fur babies, Oscar and Pip and I currently live in the East Midlands in the UK where I practice both in-person from a bespoke built clinic and online through my heartfelt venture KINDBODYPLANET.

I’m a Cancerian, a nurturer, I love wholeheartedly, feel very deeply and do my best to live without fear and regret. I love creativity, music, artistry, and crafts of all kinds and still keep my hand in at times with my previous career. I get lost in self-development and once I get my head into a new book, passion, or course, I have been known to go ‘’off the grid’’ for days. A bit of a study bug.

I’m a Summer baby and it’s definitely my favourite time of year, that is, after the Spring which I adore, watching all the new life blossom but I also love and appreciate all the seasons and everything special and magical each has to bring. Watching the Autumn leaves turn gold and brown and crackling beneath my feet, knowing everything is preparing for the big sleep is very humbling and, when the snow comes falling and blankets everywhere, turning the vista of the landscape into a picture-postcard winter fairytale, it has never failed to make me smile. Ok, so I love them all. Our special planet has ways to constantly fill our hearts.

Other things which replenish my soul are yoga, meditation, being outdoors, road trips, cooking and baking, laughing out loud till my tummy aches, time with loved ones and so much more.  I am completely in love with my small nature garden, self landscaped, planted, and nurtured over the last few years. I can harvest my fruits and veg and watch the birds, bees, butterflies, and squirrels go about their day. Pure heaven. It’s also why I chose to build my clinic there.

By now you’ve probably realised, I’m crazy about nature, natural healing, gardening, plant-based and organic living. Well, yes it’s true, properly head over heels in love with mother nature. Her beauty and magnificence never cease to amaze me. I dream of owning land and animal sanctuaries and global natural health retreats and one day I know I will get there but for now, I am celebrating just how far I have come and being present.

Enjoying the nourishing food, the herbal remedies, the peaceful place to reconnect to my own wisdom and to be able to share the knowledge and gifts of nature cure with you. To enjoy each day, doing what I do, serving beautiful souls just like you on your healing journey, inspiring you to heal yourself and follow your dreams is a true blessing.

Admittedly, Life hasn’t always been vegan hot chocolate and shooting stars, and at times has been far from that. Indeed there were many extremely difficult pitfalls to navigate, to take me from a pop star in poor health, who was living life in the fast lane with no brakes, to meditation, wellness, pancakes, and patients. The thing is I did it, I made it through the storms when I honestly thought I wouldn’t and now I feel the sun in my heart and a spring in my step.

I want to help you do the same. Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, energetic, or spiritual challenges you are facing, you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to help. I am super passionate about helping you to reconnect to your inner voice, your health, your power, and your purpose. 

Having overcome my health issues, I really do get you. I feel you, I see you. I know it can feel daunting, even overwhelming to ask for help, and even more so to take the first steps towards change. I will work very closely with you to ensure that you are supported every step of the way towards a healthier life. I encourage you to take responsibility for your wellbeing and to realise you do have choices. You will gain the tools and techniques to overcome your obstacles, get well, and stay well, living life on your terms with renewed confidence.

I have qualifications, training and knowledge to help you, but it is as a human being, just like you, through my personal experiences and struggles of a life lived, that I come to understand you. So if you’re ready to set your heart on fire and achieve the life you dream of, book a free discovery call and let’s get started. You can of course also visit me for individual therapies at the clinic, for that please see the clinic page.


From my heart to yours, Love, light, healing and blessings, JulieAnne

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Born and raised

In the UK. I’m English but spent lots of my adult life travelling the globe with my work, making friends, and learning languages. I consider myself simply as an earthling of our beautiful planet.

Big loves

My vegan lifestyle, all animals but especially my furbabies - (2 gorgeous cats - best friends ever). Nature and discovering our beautiful planet. Friends and family, love and laughter, and helping you beauties to heal and set your hearts on fire.

Best decision I ever made

Studying natural medicine, going vegan, starting KindBodyPlanet, and finding a mentor, ok so that's four - keep it under your crazy hat:)

Drink choices

Mornings it's usually lemon water and I top up with linseed tea throughout the day. However a little wine, vegan latte, and homemade hot chocolate are my guilty pleasures...Ssshh..did I say that out loud?

My passion

To live my absolute best life with great health, happiness, and vitality and to help you guys and girls do the same.

Past jobs

Dental Nurse, Beauty & Holistic Therapist, Model, Songwriter, Music Manager, Publisher, and Popstar… I know bonkers right… but hey I am a diverse human being and so are you, so let's celebrate that, embrace all that life can give, wear lots of hats, the crazier the better, and follow your happy.

Biggest challenges

Overworking, which leads to fatigue. It is why I got a mentor, yes coaches and therapists have mentors too 🙂

Eating habits:

I live a plant-based lifestyle, vegan for the animals, health, and our planet. However I help people of all dietary choices. You may even discover a whole new way of life.

Want to dig even deeper? Check out my personal story, which addresses my journey in more depth, how I conquered my ill health and how I can help you do the same. You don’t have to do it alone. Book a free discovery call.

Together we are stronger.

I – illness

feeling alone 🙁


We – wellness      

Feeling together and supported 🙂


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