7 Day – Ultimate Guide To Plant Based Made Easy


Want to know more about Plant-based eating? Curious about Veganism? Want some help to get started and try things out but dont where to start? Or what to buy? What can you eat?  Then this is for you. This is a 7 day guide which will introduce you to plant based diets and veganism, with charts and tips sheets, shopping lists, amazing vegan recipes and more.

Inside this 7 day ebook – course, we will cover

  • Types of Plant Based diets.
  • What is Veganism?
  • Top benefits of going Plant-Based
  • Food to eat on a Vegan diet
  • Top Vegan Swaps 
  • Vegan Protein
  • Spotlight on Soya

You will also get…..

  • 7 days of Delicious Plant-Based Recipes
  • 7 day Suggested Meal Plan and Wall Chart
  • 7 days Shopping LIst and Tipsheet
  • 7 day Food diary and Diary Plan to print for ongoing use.

So if you are ready to dive in and find out how good you can feel on a Plant-Based diet this guide will help you get started right now. Download it, enjoy it and look forward to a healthy new you!

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